About Intercom System (T) Limited.

Intercom System (T) Ltd is a company with High rating by our customers. Our promise is to supply genuine and quality IT & Accessories products for lowest possible price and to provide excellent support after sales. We believe in making long term and strong customer relations. Our clients include very reputed companies with international presence and Ministries, Agencies, Local Government Authorities.

Also we are technology retail company based in Dar es Salaam with delivery hubs in all Tanzania regions.. We offer top quality and cheap prices on computers, laptops, software, networking and related electronics in Tanzania. We bring the best in electronics, computers and more directly to you, from a company you can trust. We are unique in the world of retailing; a computer shop with the personal touch of your local retailer.

Company Profile.

Please don't compare our price with those who sell inferior quality goods at lower rate. We sell only genuine product and we charge genuine price. That is the reason why we got High Rating from our Customers for our Excellency in sales and Customer Support.